Workplace and Administrative Investigations

Allegations made against employees and code of conduct breaches

Reportable conduct (child-related workers)

Reportable incidents (disability sector)

Bullying, theft and fraud investigations

Public interest disclosures

Child Protection for Schools, Religious Organisations and Not-For-Profits

Examining conduct of church workers and volunteers

Complaints against foster carers

Reportable conduct  and reportable incident schemes

Professional boundaries, standards for behaviour and safeguarding

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  1. better investigations
    Our workplace and factual investigations are underpinned by procedural fairness, sound reasoning and relevant evidence. We undertake robust analysis and produce professional reports.
Reportable conduct scheme (child protection)

We conduct investigations for non-government agencies under Part 3A of the Ombudsman Act 1974. We undertake investigations for Out of Home Care and Residential Care providers, in schools and other settings that have child-related workers. 

Disability reportable incidents scheme

We investigate allegations made against carers, employees and clients in supported group accommodation- including allegations of sexual offences, sexual misconduct, assault, fraud, ill-treatment and neglect committed against a person with disability. We produce reports suitable to meet your requirements under Part 3C of the Ombudsman Act 1974.

Workplace investigations: bullying, fraud, theft, professional misconduct

We investigate low-level and serious allegations of employee misconduct: including bullying matters and breaches of codes of conduct. We can also undertake an examination of fraud, theft or similar problems that exist within workplaces.

Other factual investigations (business and legal)

We can undertake business and legal investigations to examine competitors, litigants or claimants. We conduct interviews, take statements, and prepare sound investigation reports for a range of purposes. Let us conduct  enquiries and gather important evidence for you.

Private investigators and the law

Don't get caught out with the CAPI legislation!

External or contracted investigators engaged by non-government agencies, churches, businesses or private clients, are governed by the Commercial Agents and Private Agents Inquiry Act 2004 and the pending Security Industry Amendment (Private Investigator) Bill 2016.

Fair Square Investigations hold a CAPI Master Licence, as required by law, and we are fully insured.

​Peace of mind should anything be disputed or end up in court.

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